Are You Interested in Camping at the Medicine Bow National Forest?

Divide Peak Campground is a beautiful, off the grid, campground on a working cattle ranch in Wyoming. We are near many local destinations like the High Savery Dam, Divide Peak, Dexter Peak, Aspen Alley and the beautiful Medicine Bow National Forest.  There is abundant wildlife and panoramic views with all the hiking, fishing, hunting you can imagine. Make your reservation now!

Your Gateway to the Medicine Bow National Forest

Divide Peak Campground

is located 35 miles south of Rawlins Wyoming on Highway WY-71S adjacent to the Medicine Bow National Forest. Whether you’re driving a motorhome, pulling a trailer or just looking for a place to pitch a tent, we can offer you a clean, comfortable campsite at the base of the mountains that lead up to Divide Peak. Elk, mule deer, and coyotes often wander through the meadows near this campground, which has a backcountry feel despite its proximity to the road. The campground is in the center of a working cattle ranch and has horse facilities in case you want to bring some. Divide Peak Campground offers some of the best backcountry camping in the United States and is known for its beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife.

We are a Off-the-Grid campground and do not have regular electricity to the campground (the nearest electrical line is over 15 miles away).  Because of this we cannot offer electrical hookups or at site water hookups.  We do however have one station where guests can fill up with water and also empty their sewage.

Camping tips

  • Because the weather or temperature can change with altitude in the Medicine Bow National Forest, dressing in layers will allow you to stay comfortable.
  • Make sure that you don’t trespass onto private property.
  • Bring plenty of water for your stay. Don’t trust that the water in rivers or ponds is okay to drink.
  • Pack a first aid kit.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or hiking boots that are suitable for the terrain in the Wyoming Mountains.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car, RV or campground.
  • Check to make sure you are allowed to build a fire and that permits are not required. Some places only allow a cooking fire or will provide a fire ring to use.
  • Leave wild animals alone.
  • Do not leave food or food related items such as cooking utensils unsecured.
  • Remember always to collect your trash and take it with you, or use a proper receptacle.